Friday, 30 July 2010

Dreamcatcher- Lawrence Kasdan

Re watched Dreamcatcher directed by Lawrence Kasdan, which is a film adaption of the book by Stephen King. I'd forgotten how good this film was. Haven't watched it in years. The main thing I rather like is how the story develops. Although it takes a while, it doesn't rush and you don't get given the answers to all the questions at the end. Each section of the film gives a little away. Would like to read the book now though to compare whether or not the film is true to the original and if its just as good.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Spain and Summer Project Inspiration

Finally had a week to fully recover from the trip home back from Spain. Although I went on the 13th I've only been back a week. I went with my two friends, Sam and Eleanor and we stayed at mum's old sixth form teacher, Gilly's house. She lives on the mountain Mount MontgoI, near a place called Jesus Pobre (pronounced Hesus Pobre and means poor Jesus). The mountain itself is a part of a national park and is also famous for looking like an elephant when viewed from afar. Seeing as Phil said that the Soundscape I was assigned for the summer project sounded Spanish, I thought it was rather ironic that I was going to Spain as a holiday. Whilst there I did get a few images which helped inspire some ideas.

We didn’t arrive in Spain until just after midnight as our plane was delayed by about an hour. By the time we got to Gilly's house it was just after 1 in the morning coming on for 2. Later that day (after catching up on some sleep), we went into town near the sea front for an hour or two.

Went to a dolphin show in a marine life park and had a great view. We were able to get a space near the front and thankfully no one tall sat in front of us.

For me though the best event which also helped with the summer project was a costume parade. There were soo many wonderfully designed costumes and some amazing colours to.

The main one which caught my eye though was some of the girls in one party had these huge headdresses on. The colour instantly reminded me of the summer project because my Soundscape to me seems to be something fiery and exploding.

Another thing which also inspired me was the watercolour painting, painted by Pat, the lady who rents the small annex which Gilly owns on the lower floor. The colours also reminded me of fire and something warm.

Last of all......Alien Returns? Or are they on holiday to?

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dorian Gray- 2009

Finally got to see the modern version of Dorian Gray last night. And I have to say, I preferred the old version made in 1945. The new version is pretty good in terms of staging, but its also disappointing.

The most disappointing part of the film, is in fact the revealing of the painting. Through out the film a series of gruesome things erupt from the image, maggots, blood etc. However when it is reveal there's nothing disgusting about it. I thought the one in the 1845 version was much more gruesome and made me jump even. I just frowned and yawned when it came t revealing the painting in this version.