Thursday, 31 March 2011

Logo Idea 2

After trying to figure out how to include a wolf as a part of my logo without over doing it, Tom suggested I abandon the idea. It's too iconic. Tom suggested going back to the roots of my nickname Lev and try doing something with the kanji characters I apply to my fursona.

The + and - are the two kanji characters which make up the number 11 in Japanese. the + meaning '10' and the - meaning '1'. To cut a long story short, 11 used to be one of my other nicknames (don't ask) until someone else cut it down to Lev. Also, knowing the kanji character for 'Wolf' or 'Ookami' I considered combining them. However as the wolf kanji is also rather iconic, I've tried to make it so that the + and - are bolder, with the Ookami kanji faded in the background, which is seen in the bottom right of the image below.

Paint Effects Update 3

Finally everything in the scene has particles applied to them. Now all I need to do is add in a few more lights and then its time to render.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Paint Effects Update 2

Paint Effects Update

Thought I'd update just to show how the painterly effect is coming along. I'm hoping to get enough done today to at least render a few frames.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Journey to the River Sea Animatic

Following Phil's advice, I've put together a rough animatic. There are places where the clips don't match up to what is said, however I now have a plan on how I wish the camera to move and what the audience will see. I also have a list of things which could be improved as well as what I could add in to make it better. The list below is more for me to remember my notes (so I don't have to worry about having my note book on me)

  • Need footage for the Museum

  • Have the camera go past the church and then the park

  • Add in some flora to the park

  • Does the park need to have so much stuff included in it?

  • The bandstand would be the main focus for this part. More detail can be added to it

  • Need more footage of the Theatre. Focus in on it a little, get up close.

  • Add in some sounds of people and birds as well as water etc.
  • Sunday, 27 March 2011

    Making Of: The Story

    With one week left, it's time to start on my 'Making Of'. Here's one of the many pages to come.