Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Museaum

The outline for the museum. I imagined the building to be very plain from the outside. I also found a description for what it could look like further in the book. It was described as 'It was a yellow building with a domed roof and the words Museum of Natural History painted on the door. From further into the description I am given the idea that the building isn't that big as there is only 3 rooms down stairs and 2 upstairs.

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  1. where's your picture research, Lev? Don't try and do this without looking at real world architectural elements. As Ethan Clement's drawing skills aren't his strongest suite, I suggested he actually photo-montage his gothic city designs together from existing drawings - to avoid creating generic spaces. I suggest you work very closely with real world sources to achieve your look - particularly in terms of scale and proportionality, This drawing is already looking out of scale in terms of relationship between column width and height, window size, etc. Find an architectural style that suits and don't draw out of your head. It won't work - not in this context.