Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Journey to the River Sea Animatic

Following Phil's advice, I've put together a rough animatic. There are places where the clips don't match up to what is said, however I now have a plan on how I wish the camera to move and what the audience will see. I also have a list of things which could be improved as well as what I could add in to make it better. The list below is more for me to remember my notes (so I don't have to worry about having my note book on me)

  • Need footage for the Museum

  • Have the camera go past the church and then the park

  • Add in some flora to the park

  • Does the park need to have so much stuff included in it?

  • The bandstand would be the main focus for this part. More detail can be added to it

  • Need more footage of the Theatre. Focus in on it a little, get up close.

  • Add in some sounds of people and birds as well as water etc.
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