Saturday, 29 May 2010


Anyone watch it? If so thoughts? Some very good songs in there this year. Rather liked Greece and Germany's song and Spain to. However UK came last, we were so close to staying second to last. Oh well.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

CD Template and Cover

Made a logo to, however it'll do for this I feel but I wouldn't mind working on it more at some point.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Final Animation- Take 1

I'm going to search for the sound of chairs scraping and add the talking of the students at the end over the bell as when I showed the animation to my family, they were a little con fussed as to what the bell at the end represented.

Animation With Effects

I know a few parts are extremely jump but I'll be putting it into Premiere now to smooth transitions etc. However effects have been added in and I'm hoping they look ok.

Life Drawing 25th May 2010

Decided to have fun with colour in Life Drawing this week. Was rather fun to be able to suggest what pose the model took and what medium to use to draw with.At first I went with using a red and orange pencil but Chris suggested adding in green and blue for contrast. Hence why the first drawing created with colours is a little bit abstract and hard to see what is happening. The reason for this is because the model had to move as the pose was rather difficult to hold and when he returned, he was in a slightly different position to what he started of with.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Making of Book Pages 2

Just some more pages for my making of book. Hmmm I'm looking at them now wondering if I should have edited the glow for each separately rather than keep it the same.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Final Animation- Rough

I know it doesn't have sound, but I put all my renders together quickly, just to see what it all looks like as a whole. However a few things need editing such as a few frames the egg is too dark. Plus I need to put it into After Effects to add in the explosion. I plan on using the effect of 3D clouds we learnt last week to create the explosion using an image I created a while ago using bleach and ink. I'll be changing the hue/saturation as well as the blending options to make it appear as if I've used more than one image.

Making Of Book Pages

Removed the tick on this one and made a separate page for the official texture. Enlarged the final design and added a soft glow behind it to make it stand out more.

After Effects- 3D Effect

Don't ask about the title. Was the first thing which came to my head. Rather enjoyed making it though. I'll be using this sort of effect to make my explosion look relatively convincing.

Life Drawings 18th May 2010

Only two drawings again this week. However I think I'm starting to grasp the concept of using the grind to help position the figure and keep it relatively in proportion.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Edited Pre-Vis

Red did my pre-vis by smoothing out the how the camera will move etc. However I haven't done anything for where the explosion is meant to be because I want to ask Alan how to go about making it. I also changed the two shots at the end around. Instead of cutting backwards and forwards between the two divided cells, I chose to move to the second one and keep the camera still whilst it split before returning to the cell up front.

Textures and Lighting

Textured the sperm today and like the egg added a texture to give it a little bit of depth as well as a gentle glow and some transparency.

A quick render of the Zygote before the explosion.

And the Mitosis stage. I will be changing the lighting on this so that its only bright when the cells are dividing. When the cells have split I shall change them so that the texture and colour can be clearly seen.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Making Of Page

I thought seeing as I'm using the sky and earth etc to represent the Mitosis stage of a fern, I'd use the theme for my Making Of book. Phil also suggested putting the different stages of the egg on one page with a tick next to the one I used. I was going to have the tick over the top of the one I used like a ring round a planet but it was suggested that I move it to the side.

Into the Book pre-vis

I think I'm going to have to speed it up a little. Plus the textbook page isn't exactly what I'm after, but it gives me an idea of how the animation could appear. However I do like the fact that when the camera rotates it pans in on the word 'Mitosis'.

Edit of the Moon

Went back and changed the glow. Also experimented with adding a texture to the transparency, however the effect looked too rough. Changed the colour of the transparency as well however it just made the egg too see through. Then went back and tweaked the glow and the bump depth. Rather like the way the last image turned out.

Moon Textured

Not a major difference between the images, but I've added a faint texture to the moon, just to get rid of the smoothnes of the surface. I added a marble bump map.

Life Drawings- 11th May 2010

Rather disliked life drawing last week. Usually I enjoy the first few quick sketches but this time, no matter what I did my figure just didn't seem to work. I guess its where we've not done life drawing for a while that I'm out of practise. The second image we spent the rest of the lesson on and as it shows, I found it rather difficult getting the perspective and proportion right. Although I suppose there is something good about the second image. Ethan said it reminded him of the The Vitruvian Man by De Vinci where all my working out was.

Raytracing Or Not?

Just wondering whether or not to have raytracing on the moon or not and have reflection. You can't really see them with the glow but there are some angles where the reflections are clearer than others. Should I keep them?

Final Background Texture and Moon

Have finally got my background and moon in a position that I am happy with. I wanted the egg (the moon) to be the source of light in the world so I used an ambient and parented it to the sphere. Also experimented with colour and transparency as the strength of the glow and light.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Textured Spheres 3

Just smore mroe tests for background textures. Will try making the mountains look less streched.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Textured Sphere Tests 2

Changed the actual texture layer and removed the semi-circle and made the ground below the mountains straighter. Looks a more like what I imagined.

Textured Sphere Tests

Just testing, texturing the sphere. However I'm not 100% happy with the layout of it. I feel the ground should be flatter. I may only use half of the sphere and replace the bottom of the sphere and put the dark green section of the texture on a flat plane.