Monday, 24 May 2010

Final Animation- Rough

I know it doesn't have sound, but I put all my renders together quickly, just to see what it all looks like as a whole. However a few things need editing such as a few frames the egg is too dark. Plus I need to put it into After Effects to add in the explosion. I plan on using the effect of 3D clouds we learnt last week to create the explosion using an image I created a while ago using bleach and ink. I'll be changing the hue/saturation as well as the blending options to make it appear as if I've used more than one image.


  1. Looking good. :) I presume that if this is just a rough edit that you will put a fade to black trasition or somthing similar between the zooming in of the diagram and the rest of the video.
    The hand made textures and 3D mix here really well. My only main critisim is that the diagram doesn't fit together so well. If its not too much trouble, it might be worth going into photshop and giving it a paper material effect, or some other sort of texture, to make it fit better.

    Just a side note.
    I don't know whether its diferent on any other web browsers, but the embedded youtube video is cut off. If you want to fix this you need to go into the html view and edit the numbers which represent the size of the video. They should apear twice in the code. What I always do is lower them to 400 by 225. Although it may need a diferent size, depending on the aspect ratio of the video.

    hmm... I think I've said to much already. :)

  2. Yes I'll be editing that part as well as the others. And a better texture on the book? Ok I'll look into that :) thanks ^^. And ok I'll look into the HTML stuff to thanks :)