Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Watercolour Experiment

As soon as Phil said it was ok to use watercolour, I started just experimenting with mixing different colours and mediums together. The first one I don't really like as the colours are too pale. I imagined the background to be a bit of a dark night sky, but inside the plant. This is why the second image has more green in it. Although I feel its still too light. I imagined in a scene of my animation the fertilized egg crashing to the ground like a meteor, hence the fire like rays around the sphere in the center.

These next few images are just more experiments with mixing colour. Plus to see what combination not only works but what I feel would work well as a background for the meteorite scene. Plus I also made the explosion a little brighter and more vivid to see if it would work better or not.

These are closer to what I imagined my scene to look like. I imagined the egg would look something like a full moon in a night sky before it is fertilized. however I think I may have to loose the green slightly as I feel it looks too much like an underwater scene. Or I could make the sky darker blue

In an attempt to find something which would help me visualize my scene I looked up more water coloured images, this time for full moon scenes. The first one really helped to put things intro perspective for me. Although it is something which appears to be painted to a beginner with water colour, it is simple and is almost exactly what I imagined my scene to look like. The second one looks a little too aquatic, but still works well.

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