Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Ideas 2

Had a few more ideas for the Soundscape. Having thought about it, I wouldn't mind trying to rig a character, to help me understand rigging better. the idea came about as I was trying ti think of a logo for which to represent myself with. Seeing as I've always been associated with wolves, I was thinking of creating a wolf and putting it into a fiery, explosive environment. That is one factor I will keep, something very explosive, hot and maybe even angry.

Phil said it sounded Spanish, so I decided to look up some Spanish art on the Internet. Upon doing so I stumbled across this. The colours are all that I see in the Soundscape. Lots of red, yellows and warm colours. I also like the harshness of the brush strokes as well.

My first idea was to do a still image. With a stylized wolf with a fiery background.

However, are we allowed to do a single image like that? Would it be better to do an animation? Because if it had to be an animation, then I would choose to do everything calm at first and then have the explosion, followed by the wolf at the end.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Soundscape 16- Ideas

Been listening to my Soundscape on repeat for at least a couple of hours the past few days.

I've wrote down a few ideas, however I haven't had that feeling where you know you'd want to take the idea further. Nothing which screams to me 'do this'. I did have a suggestion on how to go about thinking of what to do though. It was recommended that I eliminate all that the Soundscape 'wouldn't and couldn't be'.

Things the Soundscape 'couldn't/wouldn't be'
  • I don't see a lot of the colour green in it- If any
  • It's not a gentle/calm piece even if it starts that way
Things the Soundscape 'could/would be'

  • I can see something with a lot of red/blues in it
  • Purples as well
  • The piece is very energetic, though it does start rather calm.
A few round ideas I've had so far to go with it

  • Just a load of swirly patterns. I stumbled across this image on Deviantart the other day and I liked the randomness and meaningless feel it has to it.

  • A time line of some sorts, showing different eras.
  • A volcano erupting around a city.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Nature and the Holidays

Thought I'd update my journal to show that I haven't vanished into the unknown. Though I have to say, it is good to update my journal again. I must remember to try and update this more often. Doesn't feel right leaving it for weeks on end.

Well the first week after we broke up I was away on brownie Pack holiday, staying in the village hall of Aldington, near Ashford. Brownies to those who aren't sure what they are is a younger version of Girl Guides (I think in other countries they're called Girl Scouts). The Brownie were all so sweet, although they all had their bad moments. The theme for the entire week was 'Around the World' so each adult was given the name of a country. I ended up with Japan (somehow, didn't really get a choice). The first few days was spent doing crafts indoors, such as decorating folders and making pen tops, as the weather was wet and windy. However towards the end of the week we went out for a short walk to the church. I had to leave the following Saturday early to get to work on time but before I left, the girls gave me a card they'd designed themselves, plus I got a ton of hugs before I left. I guess the only downside to this week was that my sister and her friends, as guides came to help and weren't on their best behaviour.

Didn't do a lot during the second week other than cleaning the house and working extra hours. I also had the second to last Japanese lesson. I'll put my Japanese homework up on the blog at some point as well. I was also thinking of creating a separate blog to upload my Japanese work because I think it may help me study harder on the subject. Plus it might get my butt into gear and get me doing my Japanese homework.

Last week I spent a few days round Tom's house. Ended up watching 'The Omen' (yes Phil you guessed correct, it was me who watched it with Tom). Was a rather good film and not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. (Lev is not a horror person). Though it was played upon, the scary factor that is by the person who suggested watching it. The plot line is very well put together. Plus I really like the 'Devil and god' theme. We also went out into town and for a walk through the woods with Tom's dogs. Just a warning, Lev + woodland/fields and nature= millions of photos and a hyper CG Art student.

Thoughts? Feelings?

There are more but I've tried to cut it down to some of the slightly more interesting photos.

This week I plan on sketching out some ideas for the summer project. I do have some ideas (after listening to the soundtrack on repeat for a couple of hours) but they're all over the place. Need to sketch them down to try and make sense of them.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Summer Project Questions

Looked at the brief for the Summer project again today. Just a few questions, are we allowed to move away from the soundscape assigned to us so long as the new piece of music we choose isn't completely different. So long as there is something to connect the new sound to the original. Plus how abstract are we allowed to go?