Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Soundscape 16- Ideas

Been listening to my Soundscape on repeat for at least a couple of hours the past few days.

I've wrote down a few ideas, however I haven't had that feeling where you know you'd want to take the idea further. Nothing which screams to me 'do this'. I did have a suggestion on how to go about thinking of what to do though. It was recommended that I eliminate all that the Soundscape 'wouldn't and couldn't be'.

Things the Soundscape 'couldn't/wouldn't be'
  • I don't see a lot of the colour green in it- If any
  • It's not a gentle/calm piece even if it starts that way
Things the Soundscape 'could/would be'

  • I can see something with a lot of red/blues in it
  • Purples as well
  • The piece is very energetic, though it does start rather calm.
A few round ideas I've had so far to go with it

  • Just a load of swirly patterns. I stumbled across this image on Deviantart the other day and I liked the randomness and meaningless feel it has to it.

  • A time line of some sorts, showing different eras.
  • A volcano erupting around a city.


  1. I think the idea of 'eruption' is interesting, Lev - it certainly feels as if the music is building towards a climax; and those tambourines lend a slight 'Spanish' flavour; it does feel as if something is growing, gaining height, pushing onwards, upwards, upwards, upwards, with more energy, turning in circles, lots of light and dazzle at the end - it could be the story of a firework, or of something 'coming-to-be' - perhaps something burning up, like a pheonix taking wing, something leaving a trail, something combusting beautifully! In terms of abstraction, why not start with a simple shape - like a sphere, and in common with those morphing exercises you did with meg - create something that reflects the end of the music - something wild and explosive - and then put in some key frames, and then get from one to the other... I think you need to develop lots of expressive and experiment 2d work, and then, from that, start to extrapolate some solutions in cg... enjoy this stage!

  2. Lev this Sound scape is amazing! am listing to it now, i can picture something small wondering throw the unknown, eg like a tiny fish swimming and seeing weird and abstract creatures. theres a nice buildup and climax to the middle of the soundtrack. i can picture the fish getting attacked my something huge, like a anglerfish that had atracted her by the light on it head.... but yer is sounds cool cant wait so see the development of this