Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Ideas 2

Had a few more ideas for the Soundscape. Having thought about it, I wouldn't mind trying to rig a character, to help me understand rigging better. the idea came about as I was trying ti think of a logo for which to represent myself with. Seeing as I've always been associated with wolves, I was thinking of creating a wolf and putting it into a fiery, explosive environment. That is one factor I will keep, something very explosive, hot and maybe even angry.

Phil said it sounded Spanish, so I decided to look up some Spanish art on the Internet. Upon doing so I stumbled across this. The colours are all that I see in the Soundscape. Lots of red, yellows and warm colours. I also like the harshness of the brush strokes as well.

My first idea was to do a still image. With a stylized wolf with a fiery background.

However, are we allowed to do a single image like that? Would it be better to do an animation? Because if it had to be an animation, then I would choose to do everything calm at first and then have the explosion, followed by the wolf at the end.

1 comment:

  1. But where's the wolf coming from, Lev? Or rather 'why?' Don't impose ideas on the soundscape, let it move you away from your own preoccupations towards something new and unexpected...