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Why People Write Fan fiction: Dissertation Intro Quotes

Just a few references for my dissertation. Above is some examples I will be using of different Doctor Who fan stories.

'the Mary-Sue is associated with writers who have trouble distancing themselves from the source text enough to write about it rather than write themselves in it.' (Hellekson and Busse, 2006, P90)

'And I feel it is time to introduce ourselves. Thay moves forward. 'I am Dalek Thay.' Thay, the celebrated warrior of Kaled legend.Now it is my turn. 'Dalek Sec.'Sec, the lord of the gods, all-knowing and invincible.'Dalek Jast.'Jast, the philosopher of old, wise and loyal.'Dalek Caan.'Caan, the healer and teacher of the gods. The Time Lord looks at us, his curiosity warring with hatred and admiration. 'So that's it…at last! The Cult of Skaro. I thought you were just a legend.'(Maxwell, 2011)

Maxwell, M.(2011) Rift,
(accessed on 17/07/11)

'Jast and Caan, they were my brothers in the sense of camaraderie, of unity. But Thay… Impulsive, brash, youthful Thay...the genetic material that Thay and I had been cloned from was identical. No alterations barring the age of the material. Cloned and the resulting embryos hatched at different times, yes. I was precisely nine solar cycles in age when Thay was hatched. He was my younger brother.'
(Maxwell, 2011)
Maxwell, M.(2011) Rift,
(accessed on 17/07/11)

"No!," Sec whispered "No, please?," Sec choked holding Katie close to him. "I promised nothing would happen to you," Sec cried. "I wished I told you this sooner," Sec sobbed.
"I...I love you Katie," Sec said kissing her lightly on the forehead. "I love you so much." A small smile spread across Katie's face, then she slowly opened her eyes and looked at Sec.' (Pearce, 2011)

Pearce,V. (2011) Warth of Caan, (accessed on: 17/07/11)

'Martha, just one trip.' He breathed, still in his trance like state. I felt my smile widen. 'Doctor?' 'Hm, what?' He snapped out of it. AAARGH! WHY! 'Nothing, sir. You just… went a little quiet.' 'Did I really? How interesting.' I sat on my knees, ignoring the cloth and bucket on the floor. 'Sir, if I may have the rudeness to ask, but do you see any other companions in your dreams?' 'No I… Actually, now that you mention it I do. Quite a few in fact. But there is one in particular…' He leant back in his chair and looked thoughtful. 'A woman. Rose.' 'Anything else, sir?' 'I… I think I love her.' I hung my head and smiled so that he couldn't see me. Good. As long as he could remember her, he was still the Doctor. (Mongoola, 2011)

Mongoolda,M.(2011) Team Who, (accessed on: 17/07/11)

Just a few references for my dissertation. Above is some examples I will be using of different Doctor Who fan stories.

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