Monday, 6 February 2012

@Phil: Major Project Proposal

Major Project Proposal: De Chirico

My major project proposal. I wouldn't mind some feed back in terms of 'where to go from the start of the idea'.


  1. Hey Lev - yep, sounds fascinating! Very rational. You might want to find out where de Chirico's paintings are hanging in number - i.e. where his collections is/are - because then you might be able to further flesh out the context for the animation - i.e. is it part of a gallery's showcase, or is it just an 'on-line' experience? Not hugely vital, but it might be useful to know.

    I think your next practical job is to identify the content of the voice-over - i.e., which aspects of which paintings are you going to have narrated - as this will obviously give you an idea about duration, but also about which assets you'll need to create and in what detail. For example, should one of the 'destinations' within your animation be the camera arriving at some of those de Chirico bananas, then you'll know that these on your Maya 'to-do and figure out' list. I suggest you just gather together a series of reliable, cross-referenced 'factoids' about de Chirico's system of meanings/symbolism/colour palette/whatever and put your immediate energies into writing a script (refining it), getting it voice-tracked etc. This could all happen pretty quickly. Likewise - music; as per, there might be a particular composer/composers closely associated with de Chirico you could include in the soundscape; remember, you've got to source music that is either in the public domain or royalty-free - you should at least be thinking about a style of music that would suit.

    The other strand is a technical one; I suggest you knock-up a few de Chirico inspired cylinders etc. and start working out your texturing/shaders recipes, working closely with the colours and textures derived from the paintings themselves.

    So - in short - 3 jobs

    1) Factoids into first script
    2) Consider music (and use of sound effects [for the distant steam train, for example]).
    3) Start your technical document stuff - how to make your cg feel as if de Chirico himself has had a hand in it!

  2. Hey Charlotte,

    I got an email re. feedback? It went to my junk - but I posted this last night? Have you seen the above suggestions yet? Let me know.

  3. Hi Phil

    Sorry, I sent that before the above was posted. Now seen the feed back thanks :D