Thursday, 8 March 2012

Starting Modeling

Started modeling some filler 'De Chirico' props for my scene. As Phil suggested I fill out certain parts with different De Chirico elements, I've modeled some towers (which along with clocks, trains and statues) is a regular theme.

As well as the towers, I've also taken another look at how my world needs to be modeled. As De Chirico's paintings don't have proper perspective, it's been a challenge to figure out how to keep this 'false world' correct. After talking to Alan today he gave me two options. The first would be to model the paintings as they are seen. This would mean that, from the point of view of the paintings, the world would look correct, however any other angle wouldn't make sense. The second would be to find a way to 'cheat' the perspective. Below is a test of modeling the scene as it is depicted in the painting. From a 3/4 point of view, everything looks wrong but in the front view, the 3D cubes etc look correct and like the painting.