Sunday, 29 April 2012

Pre-Vis Update 2

Went back and refined some of the camera movements. Also added in the girl and her hoop. The image sequence at the beginning is an idea I came up with to use what I've already modelled as a way of coming to the three main environments. I've already modelled the tower in the background and I've already got some pre made archways so adding it all together wont take long. However I still need to think of how to round the animation of and end it. As well as my pre-vis, I've also looked up (as an idea suggested by Phil) De Chirico's signature to use in the title sequence. I'm not 100% sure if it is his writing, however it is a style of writing which would have been used in De Chirico's time.


  1. Hey Lev - firstly, you need to be much bolder with your soundtrack; there shouldn't be any silence; for example, even before we see anything, even in the dark before the title appears, we should maybe hear the musis, the wind - the non-talk track sound should be a constant, but should ebb and flow to accommodate the voice-track - you're being too timid!

  2. when the narration mentions the train looming out of the horizon, shouldn't be both looking at it and hearing its steam and its whistle?

  3. at around 43 secs onwards we're left looking at a wall for what feels like a long time... you need to restructure this I think to keep things a bit more dynamic.

    In the girl with hoop scene what about animating the lengthening shadow of the other person that we never actually see?

    You need to think about what we're looking at when the voice-track is talking about Magritte etc. I suggest you slowly circle your towers etc and find alternate views to express the 'dream like' quality generally.

    But yes - you really need to push the music - it's barely there!