Friday, 30 November 2012

Pixel Circus- Work Experience

First of apologies for the lack of updates. My laptop has finally decided to give up the ghost and has a very funky looking screen when actually turned on

However on the plus side, I'm now doing a part time work experience for a company in Margate called Pixel Circus, more info about them can be found here Pixel Circus. Here I'm learning to use 3D Studio Max as the company uses this instead of Maya. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Miro: Into Maya

Just to show I've not dropped Miro and that this project is still on-going, here's a screen shot of the first attempt at recreating my concepts in Maya. I've used the technique I learnt when re creating De Chirico to help place shapes and objects. I've used a camera with my image plane attached to it and a simple plane to help me calculate the horizon line. From there I can then position my geometry :-).

Monday, 5 November 2012

Bump In The Night: Stills for Leeds Castle Fireworks Spooktacular (Clever Projections and STL Lighting)

After a few late nights my work on a 1:50 animation for Clever Projections and STL Lighting is ready to be projected onto Leeds Castle and will be accompanied by their annual fireworks display. The music to be played alongside the animation is 'Bump in the Night' by 'allSTARS'. The idea was to have in the style of gaming things fly around in bobbing up and down to the music, as well as stick with the Halloween theme. also, anyone recognize the fleeing mortal from evil?