Friday, 24 July 2015

Drawing Course

As well as getting back into animation, I have also tried to get back into my drawing again. I recently finished a course in Canterbury for beginners and Improvers in drawing.  

For the first lesson the aim was to use negative space to get the outlines of a series of objects placed on a piece of paper in front of us. We then later went and added in the shadow to give more depth to the image. The second lesson involved drawing an object and the scaling it up, to draw in further detail. The rope was my second attempt as the object I chose to draw first proved to be rather difficult. The tutor also suggested that it wasn't interesting me enough to carry on with either. 

The following drawing activities consisted of quick sketches and drawing what the eye can see, first using a pen without leaving the paper and to draw in lines only. The rest concentrated on drawing using different pencil tones to give the illusion of perspective. To do this we used a light pencil (2H) to draw objects further in the background, a dark pencil (2b) for the foreground and a tone in-between m(HB) for the mid-ground.  We also focused on drawing plants and using two pencils. A 2B and an HB to get the basic outline on the paper by holding them together. This was because the views which we were drawing consisted of a lot of foliage. We also as a wind down exercise used chalk on black card to draw the outline of the houses we were viewing. The white and pink were used to represent the skyline.

 The second to last lesson the drawing lesson was held at Solly's Orchard, Canterbury where we took down information sketches and drawings to reuse on the last week. The aim was to learn to take down information quickly and efficiently so that when revisited later- One could still reconstruct the original image.  I ended up drawing one of the houses along the river edge as it screamed to me. Plus I couldn't resist drawing all the animals which happened to be around. Including the fluffiest dog I've ever seen.

The last lessons I re took the pastel and charcoal drawing and re configured it using pencils. A fair bit has been changed since the original, but that was the intention of the activity. To take what was wasn't working and improve it. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Especially the area of foliage on the right.


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