Tuesday, 27 April 2010

1st Rough Idea

This page is pretty messy in terms of layout, but it was more for me to get down an idea quickly. Plus to map out some bands for music and things to look at as research. My target audience I've decided will be GCSE level. This means I can be a little dark with concept but not to a gory extent. The same goes for cuteness etc. The idea was for Mitosis section of the Fern reproductive stage. The Zygote (the fertilized seed) falls to the ground. I was wondering whether to make this a bit of an explosion...bit like a meteor falling from the sky.

However after looking into the cylce more closely, I've realized that this is not scientifically correct. From what I can make out the fertilized egg is already in the ground.


  1. Getting stuck in early! I am impressed :)

  2. Me too! :)
    Sorry, I didn't get a chance to ask Phil about the concept art... why don't you post him a question on the blog?
    Looking good so far - keep it up!!

  3. Thanks and ok I will :).