Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Character Designs

Just a few pages of notes from my sketchbook to help me figure out what I need to upload to the blog.

This first page is roughly my ideas of how one or two of the characters would look like. I looked at Native American Totoms to help me decide what animals each character will be. However the figure on the right is more to know proportions rather than appearance as I plan on having the 'Hairy Goth' covered in hair so their appearance won't be fully seen.

I came with the idea that as my story genre is Robots and Indians, i was thinking of a 'Nature VS Technology' like plot line. Or maybe even the other way around, nature wants technology back. Thew basic outline of my story is that the wolf character 'The Baby Indian' would be the hero and the cartoon would follow how the baby grew up to save the world around it. I also imagined the wolf character being a female for some reason.

This is my attempt at drawing the 'Hairy Goth' in animal form. The Goth I feel would be suited to a black bear. This is because according to Indian Totems, the black bear 'the Bear is the one to call when a steady hand is needed'. Plus the Hairy Goth I can see as either the sidekick or the bad guy. Though I'm leaning towards them being the sidekick rather than the bad guy.

The Hero I could imagine being the wolf character and 'The Indian Baby'. To Native Americans the wolf represents love, family and other similar qualities. However the wolf isn't afraid of doing things on their own either. As I could see the plot line being the story of how the Hero grows up and saves the world, I did some rough drawings of the main character at different ages. For the age of 3 I roughly based the design off of the Indian child seen in Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron. The child is only on screen for a minute but you do get to see her pretty well.

The creature in the corner I imagine to be 'The 50ft Football Hooligan' and their animal representative to be 'the bull'. I struggled to come up with an animal for this character as I see them as the bad guy. In their attempt to kill and destroy all nature (or technology) they use their football skills to do so. However I stumbled across the bull or Buffalo. Both have similar personalities. The main characteristics which stood out to me as good bad guy material was 'rushing into things without proper preparation'. The drawing in the bottom right hand corner is nothing to do with the project. It's just where I got so wrapped up in sketching that I accidentally went of track.

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