Monday, 6 December 2010

Transcription Idea 1- Journey to the River Sea

For transcription, I'm thinking of transcribing something with a lot of scenery in it. This is so I can focus on using water colour and other painted textures to really bring out my style and to really make it known. One of the authors I've looked at is Eva Ibbotson. She has wrote many books including 'The Star of Kazan' (my absolute favourite) and The Dragon Fly Pool. I love how she writes in terms of her description. Although she goes into great detail and some descriptions can take up a page or even a chapter (as seen in The Star of Kazan) one never gets bored with it like in most books. Instead I found I saw exactly what she wrote about and was drawn into the world rather than simply put off. I've scanned in the sections from 'Journey to the River Sea' which I feel would benefit from being made in CG. The descriptions really feel as if they could be made with watercolour and other traditional mediums. I've highlighted in blue the description for landscapes and scenery. The green is simply highlighting sounds which I would have to take note off to make it successful and more realistic.


  1. Check out Henri Rousseau & Franz Marc

  2. consider voice-over artist for narration that pertains to environment designed...

  3. regarding branding - assemble a collection of all the personal brands/idents/etc. that YOU think are successful - then attempt to figure out WHY these examples work for you - then develop own strategy for personal brand... consider font preferences etc. too.