Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Transcription Ideas- Music Interpitations

Although I've looked at books for transcription, I've also thought about music to. It was suggested that I could perhaps revisit my summer project and continue to bring to life what I saw when I listened to the piece of music I was assigned.

Another thought was Enya. She's a wonderful singer, famous for her only number one of 'Orinoco Flow'. Her style is very elven and she has contributed to 'The Lord of the Rings' soundtrack. The song I was thinking off is called 'The River Sings' from her album released in 2005 called Amarantine.

The song is sung in a language called Loxian which created for the CD by Roma Ryan

Roma Ryan

I was also thinking of transcribing is a song called Adiemus which was written by Karl Jenkins.

'Adiemus is a collection of song-length pieces featuring harmonised vocal melody against an orchestral background. There are no lyrics as such: instead the vocalists sing syllables and 'words' invented by Jenkins. However, rather than creating musical interest from patterns of phonemes (as in scat singing, or in numerous classical and crossover compositions), the language of Adiemus is carefully stylised so as not to distract the listener's attention from the pitch and timbre of the voice—for example, syllables ending in consonants are rare, in this respect it is similar to Japanese and several other languages. The core concept of Adiemus is that the voice should be allowed to function as nothing more than an instrument'- Wikipedia


However although I've put these down as ideas, I'm drawn more to transcribing either 'The Dragonfly Pool' or 'Journey to the River Sea'. My summer project although could develop further I feel I've lost my attachment to it. I fear if I were to go back I'd not see the same things I did when I first started it.

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