Sunday, 14 August 2011

Confession of an Ugly Stepsister The Film (2002)

Well this was a pleasant find and a most welcomed one. I'm using 'Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister' by Gregory Maguie in my Dissertation to answer why people write Fanfiction. What I didn't realize was that his book was made into a film in 2002. After watching it, I've realized I was very disappointed. The plot of Confessions is to show that both Iris (one of Clara's step sisters) and Clara herself were both forced into something they didn't want to do. The book shows that the only reason Clara (the Cinderella character of the book) goes to the ball is because Iris asks her to. Where as in the film they have reverted back to the original Cinderella story. They even involved magic (though thankfully very little) of a rat being turned into a pair of shoes.

I could go on about the differences between the book and the film (of which has rather annoyed me). Either way the film, although starts of like the book doesn't follow true to it.


  1. This is nice and clean and clear...

  2. Hey Lev, I suggest you email Chris Hunt too - as his brain is very big indeed!

  3. Ok thanks Phil. I'll ask Tom for his email and see what he can suggest to :-)