Thursday, 4 August 2011

Map Exhibition and Ideas

As suggested by Phil, I went to Hereford with Tom for the day to go and see the Mappa Mundi. I'd arranged, upon arriving at the Cathedral to meet up with a Hereford Map expert, Rosalind. She showed us around the Mappa Mundi exhibition and explained what certain parts of the map were. Rosalind also showed us the English translation of the map as well as a new digital restoration of how the map would have been coloured. To also help me understand more about the map she took Tom and I up into the Cathedral's private library.

The library was full of what looked like old books as well as information on all the ancient artefacts found around the Cathedral. Rosalind showed us a books called 'Mappa Mundi: The Hereford World Map' as well as a book containing a list of all the text from the map which had been translated. The Mappa Mundi book I was able t purchase from the shop as well as a poster of the English translation of the map to help with my work. I also need to email Rosalind back to let her know what parts of the map I would like enlarged.

Tom said I needed to come up with an angle in which to base my animation. He pointed out that the Mappa Mundi looks like it could be a board game of some sorts. With this in mind I looked at different sorts of games. The main one which spring to mind was an interaction DVD board game called Khufu the Mummy

I had the idea of designing some environments for such a game to put into an advert of some sorts. I would also aim to add in one or two of the creatures as the pieces used for the players to move around.

Another idea I had was similar to a Harry Potter game I have. In the game, the player is given 3 locations they must reach on the board before racing back to their common room.

'As a student you will visit famous destinations in and around Hogwarts collecting House Points as you go whilst trying to avoid the hazards along the way. The object of the game is to be the student who earns the most House Points.

From the Start position you must plan your route around Hogwarts without losing all your House Points or getting expelled. But watch other players' moves carefully: if they land on one of your Destinations you can knock them back to the Start and relieve them of their House Points.
' More info here

With this I would again create some 3D environments to be shown as well as add in characters for game pieces.

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  1. Hey Lev - I'm very much liking the new look blog, though I'd suggest gently that your 'Lev's Lair' font is proportionally too small for the banner, and I'd suggest there's a lighter, more elegant font that would suit your new look more satisfyingly. Great to hear about your trip to Hereford, and the idea of an interactive game - and you designing the environments accordingly - begins to sound like a very solid proposal. I look forward to seeing how your ideas continue to develop over the coming days... :D