Monday, 26 September 2011

Mappa Mundi Notes

After re-watching the Mappa Mundi Documentary,

I've taken down some notes on phrases which I could use to create a script, should I need a voice over. My main focus is to create environments for a Documentary but to focus on something other than the obvious facts the map gives. Seeing as 'Life and Death' is a major, yet underrated theme on the map I aim to bring these subjects to light.

  • History of the world

  • Events of the past, some 1000’s year apart

  • Events such as Cesar sending out people to map the world before Christ, crucifixion of Christ and Noah’s Ark

  • The whole world is like a book written by the hand of God

  • As seen in Judgment Day- heaven on the left, hell on the right, Crucifixion, Horseman, Latin word for Death around the outside.

  • ‘Here is the World’, says the Map ‘enjoy it for you will soon leave it’

  • Though teaming with life the map is more about Death.

  • Life in the next world was the only certainty.
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      Choose judgement day!
      Research 13th century depictions - especially visual method + symbolism - particularly in architecture.