Monday, 26 September 2011

Notes from Meeting with Alan

After having my first Tutorial with Alan, I’m glad to finally be able to focus on one strong idea and get started on my minor.

At first I had two ideas, one for a games trailer for the Mappa Mundi. The other was to create enviroments for a Documentary.

Out of both ideas Alan thought the trailer idea should be put to one side for now, as this would demand a certain language. He also thought that the Documentry had cklearer boundries rather than the trailer.

He thought that the documentary idea has much clearer boundaries.
You might want to pick one place or image and focus on something interesting about that, rather than attempt too many different areas.

To help the idea of the Documentry working he suggested that the main thing to concentrate on initially, is finding something contentious or debateable in the map, something that can spark a debate - so, is it a map of the world or of life, for example...this will then take your subject to another level and make it so much more interesting. It will also allow you to think about different interpretations.

To help in terms of research he also recommended that I take a look at something called the ‘Phaidos Disk’. The disk as displayed below:

is a complete mystery because of the way it was created. The symbols are pressed on using a technique which was not invented by the Chinese until years on.

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