Saturday, 22 October 2011

@ Alan: Refined Story

Hi Alan

I've (hopefully) refined my story of the knight going to Judgment Day. I've decided the ending. The knight will go to hell but will at first appear to be going to heaven.

The edited story is as follows:

  • Starts off with the end of a battle

  • Tattered flags and swords in the ground everywhere, bodies in the background, crows flying around as well

  • See the knight lying dead on the ground with servant

  • Knight's spirit rises above and gets on his horse

  • Holds his sword in front of him as a symbol of praising God

  • Looks around to his servant who tells him to 'go forth'

  • As he travels to Judgment Day goes to show that the battle was in the City of Jerusalem represented by the crucifixion (as 3 crosses)

  • Spirit goes through the clouds

  • Gets to Judgment Day

  • The book of judgment rises up and opens and flips through pages

  • This is to show that the knight must be in the book to get into heaven
  • The Knight meanwhile has started towards heaven

  • Gates open to reveal what could be behind (my house scene) etc

  • Suddenly the knight's sword shatters as he and his horse are pulled back down to hell

  • This is to show that God does not approve of war no matter who it is fighting

Am I on the right track now or does it still need anything else?

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