Monday, 17 October 2011

Mappa Mundi Animatic Version 2

A slightly edited version of the privious animatic. Not a bug difference. The main difference is the beginign is shorter. Also after talking to Phil I now have a long list of things to focus on during this week

  • Need to make shots more 3D

  • Move further back to get idea of space

  • Motivated shots (i.e. the view of the gibbet should be presented from the height/angle of the huntsman so relationship of shot-to-shot makes sense).

  • Real world modelling for open scene?

  • Views of castles/structures etc. consider lower pov and tracking shots

  • How small details- flowers etc will look

  • Music

  • Gibbet- crows cawing etc

  • Put and create in AE

  • Textures? Scan in fabric textures etc
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