Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mappa Mundi Influence Map

To get on the road to creating my environments I first have had to look up Medieval ideas on what Judgment day would look like. Above is an influence map which contains images of a mixture of Medieval architecture, which is to be from around the very late 1200's (1290) as well as different version of Judgment day. The only small downfall to some of the images is they're a few centuries later than the time era I need to work with. However I feel that this shouldn't matter too much as all of the images will help me develop ideas for my environment. The image in the top left hand corner is a painting by Memling about Judgment Day and is a depiction of a famous Latin hymn 'Dies Irae'.

Dies Irae

The Last Unicorn Part 1
The Last Unicorn Part 2
The LAst Unicorn Part 6

To also help me get an idea of what the architecture around the Medieval time period looks like, I looked at a few films which are set in the same time space in history. The first one (and although slightly off track) is the film 'The Last Unicorn'. The buildings in this film are a starting place to help me understand how in the time period I'm looking at built their castles etc. The same goes for the Disney film 'Sleeping Beauty'

As well as looking up images on buildings etc I was also advised to look up the meaning of different things in such an era. Below is a link to a list of different items and creatures and what they represent.

Symbolism Library

Monday, 26 September 2011

Mappa Mundi Notes

After re-watching the Mappa Mundi Documentary,

I've taken down some notes on phrases which I could use to create a script, should I need a voice over. My main focus is to create environments for a Documentary but to focus on something other than the obvious facts the map gives. Seeing as 'Life and Death' is a major, yet underrated theme on the map I aim to bring these subjects to light.

  • History of the world

  • Events of the past, some 1000’s year apart

  • Events such as Cesar sending out people to map the world before Christ, crucifixion of Christ and Noah’s Ark

  • The whole world is like a book written by the hand of God

  • As seen in Judgment Day- heaven on the left, hell on the right, Crucifixion, Horseman, Latin word for Death around the outside.

  • ‘Here is the World’, says the Map ‘enjoy it for you will soon leave it’

  • Though teaming with life the map is more about Death.

  • Life in the next world was the only certainty.
  • Notes from Meeting with Alan

    After having my first Tutorial with Alan, I’m glad to finally be able to focus on one strong idea and get started on my minor.

    At first I had two ideas, one for a games trailer for the Mappa Mundi. The other was to create enviroments for a Documentary.

    Out of both ideas Alan thought the trailer idea should be put to one side for now, as this would demand a certain language. He also thought that the Documentry had cklearer boundries rather than the trailer.

    He thought that the documentary idea has much clearer boundaries.
    You might want to pick one place or image and focus on something interesting about that, rather than attempt too many different areas.

    To help the idea of the Documentry working he suggested that the main thing to concentrate on initially, is finding something contentious or debateable in the map, something that can spark a debate - so, is it a map of the world or of life, for example...this will then take your subject to another level and make it so much more interesting. It will also allow you to think about different interpretations.

    To help in terms of research he also recommended that I take a look at something called the ‘Phaidos Disk’. The disk as displayed below:

    is a complete mystery because of the way it was created. The symbols are pressed on using a technique which was not invented by the Chinese until years on.

    Friday, 23 September 2011

    Project Proposal + Timetable

    The Mappa Mundi Proposal

    Right time to restart updating my blog frequently. Above is my project proposal for my minor project.

    I've also created a timetable for myself so I can see what I'm supposed to be doing over how many weeks.

    Friday, 2 September 2011

    Dissertation Book List

    Bit of a boring post but it's more for me to make some notes on books with which I could use for my dissertation. One of them was also suggestion made to me by Chirs Hunt after I asked for a book which might be good for quotes on 'Hyper- reality'. He suugested I take a look at the America book by Jean Baudrillard


    Faith in Fakes: Travles in Hyperreality

    How to Travel With a Salmon

    Travels in Hyper Reality