Monday, 31 December 2012

A Steampunk Christmas: Speed Paint Challenge

Well not a lot to say about this one really. Other than I'm not sure how that tree machine is supposed to work does here XD. Though I hate to admit this one frustrated me to no end. I think I need to re -learn the basics of 'Speed Painting'. I had to resist the urge not to simply delete this (as well as scream in frustration). Still, practice is always good and it gets me creatively working again :-)


  1. hi! (:]
    You're not aloan with creative frustrations... but I totally agree with you there, it feels all the knowledge is there already, only need to practise and practise .
    Missing you !

    1. :-D. Doesn't look too bad now after stepping away from it a few days. But yes definitely need to practice :). And aww I do miss you to. It was weird (and a little lonely) being the only ex 3rd year at the Christmas drinks (other than Bob). Though I was surprised at how many people remembered me there lol :-). Did you have a good Christmas and New Year?