Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Card Design

These are some Christmas card designs I painted a few weeks back. They're painted on pre-made cards which is why the tops of the images aren't as decorated and why there's a crease line through the middle. They were painted to be sent off for the even on Deviantart. The originals have been sent to the DA headquarters and they will then hand them out to people in hospitals. I'm pleased with the snowman, however I wouldn't mind some suggestions on what I could have added to the red and yellow with the swirl on it.


  1. love the snowman image :D

    Not sure the colour palette on the red and orange one 'says' xmas enough? If it was blue-ish etc, it would say 'frost' I think.

  2. Hmm yes :). I did use a reference for these to get ideas and on the swirly one it had a gold Christmas tree on and the swirly branch looking thing was smaller and more discreet. Perhaps I shall try it with blue next time, thanks Phil :)