Monday, 28 September 2009


Reading: Northern Lights
Listening to: Some strange song

Ok had my first attempt at using Maya today. Managed to get a basic cube and add in spaces for the numbers. However I now have to restart the entire thing for the object had about 360 faces too many. Although the program wasn't as intimidating as I thought it would be. Having used 3D Stdio Max I can see the difference in the programs and have to say, I prefer Maya.


  1. Dear Charlotte,

    just persevere with maya - it will 'click' for you in the end! Meanwhile, i can't help noticing that your blog is a bit 'thin'... you must get into the habit of uploading and sharing and communicating your creative development; more visual stuff please - more exploration of artists and ideas,,,

  2. You learn by mistakes it takes a while Lev, but get the basics cemented in your mind, because later on you will need these skills. I look forward to reading your updated blog.