Thursday, 24 September 2009


Ok as I've never used an online blog site like this one before I'll be doing my posts as the journals I update on Devianart. That way it's familliar. Though this will most likly change.

Listening to: Murus Chant
Reading: The Raging Quiet- Sheyyl Jordan
Watching: Nothing at the moment
*Fursona: an animal based on ones personality and likes etc. E.g mine's a white wolf because wolves are my favourite animal and the colour white is on the top of my list for loved colours.

My main ideas for my self portrait will most likely be based around my hobbies, thoughts and feelings and my fursona*. I've also been looking through 'Seeing Ourselves- Women's Self-portraits' for some ideas and have found a few pictures I can relate to. The main one is 'Mlle Charlotte Du Val D'ognes.

I personaly prefered the black and white version which is found in the book as it gives the picture a different mood.

Without Hope- Frida Kahlo

I can somewhat relate to the subject, although not on the same scale. After her accident Frida had up to 35 operations on her body and was often bed ridden. The recovery between each one would have been incredibly boring for her. Although the operation I had wasn't on such a serious level as hers I know the feeling of boredom and slight discomfort of healing. About a year or so ago I had an eye operation for a squint removal. Even though I could still see and wasn't in as much pain as Frida it was rather an unpleasant feeling.

My eye felt really watery at first but the more time went by the feeling changed. My eye felt extremely dry. It also looked rather gruesome as my left cheek was swollen aswell. I also had to wear sunglasses, because everything looked brighter. However although being able to relate to the subject I most likely won't do anything along this theme. However I will do some rough sketches so as not to pass it by completely.

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