Thursday, 21 January 2010

Final Image

My final image. Finally got the glow effect around the open door that I was after. Just one question. Have I got the right image size for our final piece. I did look at the brief and I put in what it said, but I just want to make sure.


  1. Well done Charlotte. :)

    Sooooooo, what's the opinion then? (Your own and what was said by others in the crit.)

  2. Thanks, I personaly don't like it all that much. It needs more work added to it. Phil liked the camera angle though, he said it worked well. He also said pritty much the same thing about adding more detail onto it.

  3. My first reaction was that perhaps the sky colour does not fit with the atmosphere you were trying to create. Not that there's anything wrong with it being in the daytime but it's not as effective as it could be. Maybe take a look at how Giorgio De Chirico does daytime sky but at the same time he creates an uneasy atmosphere.

    Also correct me if I'm wrong but there doesn't seem to be much distinct lighting in the scene, a think a soft golden/evening light could work well. Obviously it's past your deadline but maybe you should adjust it sometime in the future for your own satisfaction?

    Other than that, I think the quality of the image is quite high! :)

  4. Yeh the lighting and sky don't work at all. I didn't realize that fully untill crit when I heard Phil talking about lighting on other people's final images.

  5. Hi Charlotte,

    So you finished your first Maya scene. Well done!

    A few comments:
    I find your image slightly confusing - It feels as though its a bit of a nowhere place. Its is neither morning, noon, or night for example. Choosing or experimenting with all of these would have enhanced your image greatly - Adding light and shadow throughout the image.

    Also, the light/mist from the shed is non-descript. Is is mist or is it a light? Perhaps it could have been both, but again this would have based upon a choice of time of day.

    Final comment: So, perhaps its not your Maya skills in question here but your ability to know what you were making and why. Make informed, stronger, and more decisive decisions and Maya gets a whole lot easier.