Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Maya House 20-30

Not a lot to say about this, other than I think I may need to work on UVs a little bit more.


  1. Howdy, If you haven't already then it's probably a good idea to start modelling that shed now even if you have not finished the concept art stuff yet. It's based on a real thing and you have plenty of pictures of it so it won't be too much of a problem.

    Give yourself as much time as possible with the Maya stuff because things go wrong and it takes a lot of fiddling around with settings and stuff to get things looking the way you want them.

    I remember doing your current project last year, my final piece was really quite dreadful because I spent waaaaaaaaaaaay too long doing Digital Paintings and was naive of the fact that making things in Maya (especially when you do not have the luxury of following tutorials and such) takes a lot longer than you first think. When it came to doing the Maya work I had a week left and was in such a rush that I did EVERYTHING (no joke) incorrectly and had no time repair the damage in a meaningful way.

    I was even too ashamed to put it on my blog :( It was a shame too because I really liked the concept art I did. Taught me a valuable lesson though *sheds tear*

    Good luck soldier *salutes* :)

  2. Hi Lev, I am absolutly thrilled to pieces that you are blogging during your break not to mention working through your project ... love the way you are experimenting with different views on the shed and great to see the communication you have going back and forth with everyone else. Their advice is sound so I hope you are listening, keep up the good work I am proud of your efforts.