Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Character Design Class 8

This weeks character design lesson was a mixture of all we have learnt the past 8 weeks. We were given 6 different characters to manufacture into toys. We worked in groups of three and each of member of the group took on 2 of the 6 characters each. I chose to do Tessa, a side kick who has a crush on the hero. She's a tomboy and is a mechanic. I based her design on Audrey from the Disney film Atlantis

(starting from 0:20)

and Akima from Titain AE

Her design and progress.

Auriana is supposed to be a princess with a mysterious past. Tess hates her and distrusts her completely, whereas the hero is more than happy for her to accompany him. what the hero doesn't realize is that she works for the bad guy and is a spy. To help with her design I looked at fem fatale, trying to get a pose to also help me convey a temptress.

About 45 minutes before we had to present our designs,certain additions were then mentioned to be added to the characters. For Auriana it was that she was of aquatic background. I tried to give her enough aquatic features without loosing her teasing appearance.

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