Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Sidekick

For my sidekick I tried to go for a matronly personality. My sidekick will be old in appearance and slightly clumsy. However when faced with danger they'll turn around and be able to deal a strong blow. To begin with I was struggling to come up with an idea of what Native American animal to use as the ones I chose didn't seem to fit my character's personality. To begin with I looked at eagles, goats, snakes and hippos to try and get an idea of what animal I could use. However I was told I should stick with birds and to keep the sidekick herbivore so as to really distinguish who is good and who is bad.

I then went onto look at a variety of different birds, including geese, trying to stick with the Native American theme. Upon browsing the list of animals from Native American Totems I spotted that grouse was amongst the birds listed. Looking up some images of the grouse I instantly saw how my character would look like. I also looked at Disney- Robin Hood and the Simpsons to help me visualize my character ore easily.

Robin Hood

Especially 2:40.



Vezi mai multe din Desene animate pe

The Inuit Lady in 5:35.

I was aiming for the slightly loud, clumsy and yet wiser characteristic for my sidekick. I've also decided that she sidekick will be female as the hero will see her as a motherly figure due to never knowing their own related parents.

I was told my sidekick character is pretty good, but could use some exaggeration on the hair.

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