Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Character Design Class 9

This weeks character design class we looked at how we could include one or two background images into our character bible. We looked at how a person's home is very similar to their clothes. A person who lives in a swamp would be considered bad as a swamp is a deadly and uncertain place.

The task we were assigned involved drawing an environment with a certain personality. I was given a 'restless forest'. I found this a little difficult as it wasn't easy to make a tree and other inanimate objects seem like they have 'energy'.


  1. Sorry,I didnt get round to seeing this last week, but I think this is a pretty good attempt at a restless jungle. With a decent amount of time, you could try adding more foliage shapes, a riot of colourful flowers, vines etc etc

  2. Thanks and true, I may come back and add in some extra details if I have time :)