Thursday, 4 November 2010

MCM EXo- Sunday

On Sunday I visited the MCM Expo in London with a few friends. I had a very postmodern experience.

Although it may not seem it I was dressed up as Rose Tyler from Doctor Who (though my costume wasn't very good).

My free hugs sign. It's rather blurry so here's what it says. 'Free Hugs, Got separated from the Doctor because of Daleks and Aliens. Please help me find the TARDIS!'

Upon wondering around, we spotted two people dressed up as 'Aliens'. Although appearing to be the creatures from the film, one of them is in fact based upon the character 'Abe' from the online fan made comic called 'Alien Loves Predator'. I was trying my best to look slightly scared.

One person dressed up as the 11th Doctor even had a remote controlled Dalek with him.

I managed to get a hug from one of the storm troopers. The guy in the last one was brilliant for he was able to carry around the huge sword around with him. However what no one knew was he was able to do this regardless of being blind.

Overall it was a great day out. I look forward to going next year and this time with a better costume hopefully.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the photos weren't taken by me. They were taken by my friend Eleanor (the one in the second photo)


  1. Great series of photos, Lev - there is something hyperreal about this convention dressing up business - lines between the world and the model world being crossed left, right and centre...

  2. Thanks and true, never thought of it like that, though is rather obvious

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