Monday, 21 February 2011

11 Second Lip Sync: Complete

The finale part of my own lip sync. Now all that is left is to wait for news on where my cartoon character has gone wrong before I can finish it.

Lip Sync: Finle from Levalin on Vimeo.

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  1. Okay Lev -

    Your to-do list for a week today:

    1) resolve a proper composition - panoramic - consider character's pov - start thinking about the technical and practical challenges and the relationship between 2d components and 3d components.

    2) continue experiments with geometry - consider a 'relief' approach, in which you build out from surfaces with extruded layers etc.

    3) (forgive ignorance here) but you need to start dealing with textures/bump maps - you need to bring your surfaces to life so that the flat, matte effect is transformed into something that actually feels like a world.

    4) You need to deal with actually modeling some specific architectural elements too - much of your city can be, I assume, built up out of generic 'building blocks' - which you position and texture differently to create the necessary variety. You do, however, need to start modeling your key features - the theatre etc.

    5) You need to consider the jungle surroundings - again, all that dense foliage will need to be recreated somehow to give your city a frame.

    6) You should also be experimenting with water effects, as the river is a big part of your scene

    7) More immediately, you need to generate the key concept painting of your city - don't put it off - You/I need to see this space for what it is!

    Work hard/speed up! :)