Sunday, 13 February 2011

Impression Painting

Did some more painting the other day. As much as I like how the patterns on this turned out, I'm not too sure on the overall image. I need to use perspective properly and not simply paint what I see. I do plan on putting this into Maya. I did manage to get another texture ready for when it is needed. The image below is how I imagined leaves and other greenery to look like.


  1. *Impression* - watch your spelling, Lev!

  2. and I agree - you need to start thinking 'spatially' - surface textures are one thing, but I want to see how a painterly approach might drive the actual shapes, forms, spaces of your environment. You need to start modeling and making investigations within the software itself. Don't drag your feet, Lev - like I said, you need to pick up the pace and push things forward more quickly! Chop chop!