Saturday, 26 February 2011

Finle Concept: Unedited

After talking to Alan on Thursday about how to go about making this a 3D world I set about painting this. He said I needed to figure out my final concept as well as starting to build some of my set. He showed me a way to create the 'painted feel' as seen in the film 'What Dreams May Come'

(2:29 onwards)

I'm semi proud of how this turned out. I wasn't planning on painting the piece on the far left, however it was pointed out the the original needed extending. So I stuck another piece of paper next to it and continued. I'll be taking this into Photoshop to give it a polishing, The left side bugs me to no end. Everything is so sloppy and messy. I've tried painting over parts to try and re do it, but I fear it's past that stage. Although I feel the left side is a disaster, I'm glad I've put this together. I'm glad I've done this, I've realized a lot about how my world will look and where everything is. Next step, drawing the buildings which I want to be my main focus and making them in Maya.

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  1. Hey Lev,

    I'm not in tomorrow, as it's crit week and my days move to the end of the week. It's good that you've upped your scale, but, if I'm being honest, I'm worried about your speed and efficiency. You need to a higher turnover of work and tests and experimentation and drawings - because you're still a long way off a final resolution, and the Maya bit is going to be slow too. You need to give yourself very clear targets in regard to 'what my week is for' and 'what I want to accomplish within it'. I want to start seeing some actual decision making on here - and a sense that you truly realise the challenge that lies ahead of you. Get this blog updated and reassure me that you are controlling this project and that you will be finished by crit day, week 10!