Tuesday, 15 February 2011

More Thumbnails

Seeing as I have Brownies on Monday night, I figured I might as well take advantage of the train journey back to Faversham to do some thumbnails. These were done with the watercolour pencils. This is because I found it easier to visualize my scenes if everything was done in colour rather than black and white. As Phil surges ted, I've broken away from the book a little because it would be too much to have everything described seen in different sets. I've also changed it from them being on the road and walking through the city centre to them traveling on the boat to the harbour. More so because I always imagined the city to be very close to the water and not miles away into the jungle.

As well as thumb nailing I also thought about how I could set up this scene and have the camera move around so that the audience gets to see everything which is described.

Start of with the camera moving to mimic the boat as it goes down the river
Camera moves and the audience sees the church, the playground and one of the mansions

The harbour is seen as well as the museum and another mansion or two

The camera then moves around the museum following now a pathway into the city centre and the audience sees the Theatre.

Camera them pitches out to see the city from above

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