Sunday, 8 August 2010

American Werewolf

Watched American Werewolf the other day and well, I thought it was ok.

The effects for the era were ok, lots of fake blood etc. The dead guy who is stuck in limbo was pretty cool. Liked the way his body started to rot away. Other than that I wasn't entirely keen on the film. It would be one of those that I'd watch to say 'seen it' but other than that I wouldn't really watch it again unless someone wanted me to. I was also unimpressed by the ending; it felt rather rushed to me.


  1. Silly Charlotte!!!! :P

    It's one of my favourite films of all time. I love the mix of horror and comedy. The scene in the Porn theatre with the all the dead people and the hilarious film thats showing never gets old for me! The scene on the moors, the Slaughtered Lamb, the Nazi dream sequence and the bit in the Subway are true classic horror film moments! :)

    I think its a film where you need to pay attention to small details. After all it is only a silly werewolf film really, hardly ground-breaking stuff.

    And the effects were ok? The make-up effects are amazing! No CG in that, it's all hand crafted!

    Rant over! haha!

  2. Also the title of the film is 'An American Werewolf in London'

    Best not confuse people, so they dont go thinking its the awful sequel 'An American Werewolf in Paris'!

  3. I'm afraid, Lev, I must also berate you terribly for your luke-warm reaction to An American Werewolf in London... I remember watching this movie with a group of friends when I was about 12 and then being all jittery about walking home in the dark; it has this great mix of horror, comedy and sex - and, Tom is absolutely right about the sfx - truly groundbreaking; funnily enough, I'm changing unit one for the new first year, and for the purposes of the briefing presentation, I'll be showing them the transformation scene from this movie... anyway, for another great werewolf movie, consider the original 'The Howling' - again, some great physical effects work - and no cg in sight!

  4. O_O *hides under the desk* I suppose ^^;. I guess it was ok. Maybe it was the wrong setting I watched it in. I do admit that there was one scene I jumped at.