Monday, 2 August 2010

WIP Concept Art Practise

At first this piece was going to be waterfalls, as tom started it. However he wasn't sure where to go with it so I took over as he suggested. Instantly I knew that I wanted to turn the 'waterfalls' into lava to go with my Soundscape. So I changed the colour to reds and yellow. I also then added some extra streams and colour on top and changed the mountains in the background. I will be adding some shading onto them to make them look like a large wall of rock rather than mountains.


  1. Nice work Lev. I like what you've done with it :) Finish it please! :)

  2. Hey Lev! I LOVE this piece - dynamically skewed horizon line and dramatic use of foreground. I like the expressive confidence here - and long may it continue. "Finish it please!" :D