Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sketched Ideas

I saw this whilst browsing on Deviantart and I really love the way that 3 separate images come together to almost form one. I also like the way they tell a story whether they're together or separate.

I was thinking of maybe doing something similar. A series of images that as one tell a story but also separate tell one to.

A few thumbnails I sketched out as ideas. I have to confess I can't quite remember what the first one in the top left hand corner is supposed to be, but it'll come to me and I'll update on what it was when I do. The middle on the top row and top right hand corner are meant to be a pool of lava and then a ball of energy over the top. Phil said it sounded like a Phoenix or something else trying to break free so the last two images in the middle row are close up shots of a leg of some creature and then the eye. I was trying to go for a shot which showed that it could be an animal which has hatched but not give away which one.

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