Wednesday, 4 August 2010

WIP Concept Art Update

Just a quick update on the concept piece. Though I'm not sure what to do now with the flat piece of rock in between the lava streams. Plus Tom said the background looked cool, but is it too heavy?


  1. you've flipped this, right? Compositionally, it worked better the other way around.

  2. Yes, it's more so that I get a different view on it. It was something Feng Zhu did in his tutorial. He flipped the canvus just to get a fresh look on the image. I'll be flipping it back at the end :).

  3. Well - who am I to argue with Feng Zhu? :-) I'm looking forward to seeing more of this stuff from you, and I love the fact that you're hitting those Gnomon DVDs and moving your skills along - great, Lev! :-)