Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Shining and The Terminator

After being told by Tom I was going to watch 'The Shining' it finally happened. I've watched it. Was a pretty good film, though I did find it a little creepy. Don't think I'd look at an empty hotel in the same way again.

Also watched Terminator as well. Thought it was pretty good, though I've been told that Terminator 2 is better so I'll be watching it to find out if it's true.


  1. Terminator and T2 are very different films, Terminator has more of a sci-fi horror feel, where as T2 is def more action orientated. There are worth watching back to back just to compare what the film makers were able to achieve with very different budgets and technologies (and of course Linda Hamiltons hair). The fact that you found The Shining a "little" creepy is a credit to the film, which is awesome, and has provided a wealth of parodies for The Simpsons and such like (Post-Modernism alert).

  2. I read somewhere that The Shining is the only film to make the days of the week into something frightening - meaning the way 'monday' etc. pops up on the screen while those strings squeal in the background. The Shining is a great movie, but Kubrick nearly drove the lead actress mad with endless retakes... It wasn't a happy set, and I think the tension really shows in the performances.

  3. The Shining: Shelley Duvall's expression when the axe comes through the door is real. I often think that scene sums up the atmosphere on set.

    Terminator: I agree with Simon on that point. Two very different films and both too be admired for different reasons. Although, my heart stays with the original.