Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Art of Storyboarding

I was flicking through 'The Art of Storyboarding' and found these few pages helpful.

This page talks about how to draw the characters. It basically echos what Phil said, which is to simply roughly sketch them out. Start with stick men then work in more detail by adding circles and other shapes to give them a 3D appearance.These 3 pages were just some completed storyboards. The middle two show the use of the direction arrows.


  1. Lev I'm really impressed to see how you are applying yourself to the research in this project. You are also doing really well with keeping us informed through the blogging; keep it up it's great to see.

  2. Thanks, for one moment I thought you were going ot say about a lack of sketches

  3. LMAO it doesn't seem like I have to ... as you already know