Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Juggling Scene Extended

I know that some of the panels on the Call Center sheet are not in order but this post was mainly focusing on my extended juggling scene.

These last two sheets focus on the opening of my story, two shots to show the mouse falling and an explanation as to how the mouse ends up facing a different way. I need to put them in with the rest of the story boards for them to make a little more sense. The idea for the opening because I'm sure Phil wasn't too sure about showing a sign with the words 'Call Center' a strong idea. So I went back and changed it to a Disney styled opening. Where the scene is shown human size and then pans in to the smaller character. The scene after the opening credits from 'Basil, the Great Mouse Detective' is a very good example of the technique used. (Scene starts at 2:50)

However as my mouse is on a shelf, I will be using the technique in reverse. Panning from desk height upwards to the shelf.

To help me draw the Call Center room and photocopier properly, I looked up images of the room and machine. Cropping and colouring next.

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