Thursday, 4 February 2010

Storyboard 1

First story board of one of my ideas. I drew this before Phil mentioned about using a story board template, hence why it is a little messy. The idea was that Juggler works at a call center as a tea server. The idea of a tea server came fro Slumdog Millionaire, as the main character has the same job. The juggler doesn't get on with one of the other workers. I imagined it a bit like a school like environment where one person is like 'top dog' as well as a 'Devil Wars Prada' where if you don't wear the right fashion and know about fashion then one wont fit in.
The basic idea is that one of the workers bullies the juggler into juggling, unaware of their ability to do so. Whilst the main character is juggling the bully, angered that they didn't get the feared response they wanted throws a mouse trap at the juggler. The juggler catches it, juggles with it for a while then throws it back at the bully. The bully after a little verbal battle that the juggler wins, turns and storms away. However they forgot about the mouse trap and end up stepping on it.
At the moment there is no reason as to why the style of clothing is slightly old fashioned. I was merely using the stereotypes to help keep clear what character was who.

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