Thursday, 11 February 2010


I looked at Redwal as suggested by Tom to help with an idea on how my character will look. Turns out I have heard of Redwall, although I have never properly seen it. I rather like the the way the eyes are drawn.


  1. Hi Charlotte! Yes, I remember this too - my children read the books when they were younger!

  2. I never read the books. I've onnly just watched the first minute of the first episodes as i stumbled across it one day accidently. Can't remember what I was watching. Its good so far though

  3. Yeah, I have fond memories of reading the first book on a horrendous 8-hour plane trip to Canada this one time.

    I like your Mouse character idea, it adds other meanings and possiblities to the words you have been given.

    To be honest when I said that Redwall is a bit 'naff' it's because the actual story and characters themselves could of all been done with humans/any other type of animal. The characters being rodents was a bit of pointless gimmick when you think about it.

    I suppose that's something for you to avoid, make sure that you're simply not replacing a human character with a mouse like-for-like. Make the fact that your main character is a mouse integral to the world and story you create. If that makes sense? Though I think you're doing that anyway from what I've seen.


  4. Thanks. the other thing I'm finding about Redwall (I'm actualy watching it) is there's not much of a plot. Ok there's thsi bad rat who is trying ot take over the abbey, but other than that it's pretty much the same.

  5. Yes, though it's probably a case of them having to adapt the hefty novel for TV, the book had a lot of side and back story that sort of made the world interesting.

    I unfortunately have been struck down by a case of exploding ear syndrome, so won't be about today but Interim Crit today/tommorow? Enjoy!